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Morayvia Timeline

Apr 2011 Morayvia formed as a group and was established to progress work by the former Nimrod Heritage Group to save the last remaining Nimrod MR2 aircraft at RAF Kinloss for Moray, as the centrepiece of a proposed interactive aerospace centre.


26 Jul 2011 Incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee (SC404186).


8 Nov 2011 Nimrod XV240 was broken up for scrap at RAF Kinloss but the forward fuselage section was procured for Morayvia and put into storage at Spey Bay Salvage Ltd at Nether Dallachy.


22 Jan 2012 Morayvia gained charitable status (SC042895) with the assistance of Johnston Carmichael, Elgin.


6 Mar 2012 Morayvia procured and took possession of Nimrod MR2 XV244 at RAF Kinloss, where it was to be stored at Kinloss Barracks on a hard-standing leased through the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. Funding for the purchase of XV244 was received from BAE Systems, Thales, Ultra and Rolls Royce Heritage.


1 Jun 2012 Nimrod XV240 forward fuselage was mounted on to a modified low-loader trailer by Spey Bay Salvage Ltd for use by Morayvia as a travelling exhibit, to display at local events in Moray and elsewhere.


3 Jun 2012 Nimrod XV240, mounted on its trailer and transported by Spey Bay Salvage had its first outing which was to the “Motorfun” event at Cooper Park Elgin, where it was made open to the public.


Jun-Dec 2012 Nimrod XV240 was on display at approximately fifteen other events across Moray, Banffshire and Aberdeenshire, at locations including; Fyfie Castle (9 Jun), RAF Lossiemouth Families Day (23 Jun), Elgin (21 Jul), Peterhead (11 Aug), RAF Leuchars Airshow (15 Sep) and Roseisle (23 Sep).


Aug 2012 Morayvia was granted £8,000 funding from Moray Leader, a rural development programme funded by the European Commission and the Scottish Government, to carry out a feasibility study for its heritage centre scheme. The funding was also matched by a £8,000 grant from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).


Aug 2012 The Duke of Edinburgh gave royal approval to the efforts of Morayvia in trying to establish an inter-active aerospace visitor centre in Moray.


Aug 2012 Morayvia presented cheques of £150 to the Fishermans Mission, and along with Elgin BID, £250 to The Moray Friends of Archie Appeal.


Oct 2012 Hunting Jet Provost T4 XS176 cockpit was loaned to Morayvia by Mr and Mrs P Westley for use as a travelling exhibit.


Oct 2012 Morayvia commissioned the consultancy firm Dunira Strategy of Edinburgh to carry out a study into the feasibility of the Morayvia project.


Apr 2013 DH Vampire T11 XD425 cockpit section was procured and loaned to Morayvia by Stan Barber and family to be used as a travelling exhibit.


Apr-Nov 2013 Nimrod XV240, Jet Provost XS176 and Vampire XD425 between them were displayed at approximately 21 different events across the north east of Scotland including; Elgin (28 Apr), Gordon Castle (19 May), Buckie (8 Jun), Nimrod, Jet Provost and Vampire to the RAF Lossiemouth Families

Day (23 Jun), RAF Waddington Airshow (6-7 Jul) Elgin (18 Aug) and the Nimrod and

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